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Erzählungen und Zusammenschnitt der Europa Tournee 2023

kinoplakat in 45min durch europa


Datum: 17.März 2024
Beginn: 10:30h
Ort: Filmbühne Waidhofen/Ybbs (Kapuzienergasse 7; 3340)


Header Europa Tournee 2023 RoxS




8 countries, 10 cities and lots and lots of spray cans in the trunk.
On August 23rd I started my European tour. I drove from city to city for 2 months to design a wall at each location.

How it all started!

It started with the decision to quit my job as a social pedagogue to become a full-time artist. Not an easy step, but I wanted to take my happiness into my own hands and fulfill one of my biggest dreams.

The Route

I traveled alone through Europe. My only companion: my converted small car. It was my sleeping place, studio, kitchen and workplace. In total, I drove 3568km. My destinations: Trnava (Slovakia), Pécs (Hungary), Osijek (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Udine (Italy), Bozen (Italy), Biel/Bienne (Switzerland), Belfort (France), Nancy (France) & Mainz (Germany).
Meine Stationen waren: Trnava (Slowakei), Pécs (Ungarn), Osijek (Kroatien), Ljubljana (Slowenien), Udine (Italien), Bozen (Italien), Biel/Bienne (Schweiz), Belfort (Frankreich), Nancy (Frankreich) & Mainz (Deutschland).

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Beim Graffiti sprühen
graffiti in slovakia

1.Station ‑ Trnava (SVK)

My first stop took me to Trnava in Slovakia. After half a year of planning, I was finally ready to go. I was able to spray my first wall and was over the moon.

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2.Station ‑ Pécs (HUN)

I continued across the hinterland to Hungary. On my first attempt, I was driven away from the wall. One day later I had more luck and got my place. The result was a very dynamic and aggressive work.
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graffiti in hungary

3.Station ‑ Osijek (HRV)

I continued on to Croatia. I had now arrived in the middle of the tour. Nevertheless, the heat got the better of me. At 39 degrees Celsius, I sprayed an 11-meter-wide mural. I had to stop in between because the heat was making my eyes black. But I was able to keep going and finish the work.
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4.Station ‑ Ljubljana (SVN)

I left the heat and headed for Slovenia in the rain. I found a beautiful wall in the middle of the city. It's an old prison wall with a lot of charm. My 4th stop and I was already running out of energy. A second day's break was on the agenda.
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graffiti in slovenia
graffiti wall in udine italy

5.Station ‑ Udine (ITA)

After a short break, I moved on to Italy. I sprayed another very dynamic picture - very much in the style of Pécs. I had now been on the road for several weeks.
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6.Station ‑ Bozen (ITA)

My second stop in Italy. I went to South Tyrol. Inspired by the gigantic Dolomites, I created a picture of a golden eagle. The entire underpass now shines in a new design.
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graffiti in italy
graffiti in switzerland

7.Station ‑ Biel (CHE)

I continued over the Flüela Pass (2500m) into Switzerland. When I crossed the mountains, it wasn't just the 15-year-old car that was left breathless, but me too. The sight of the mountain peaks was amazing. In Biel, I sprayed a woman floating in time.
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8.Station ‑ Belfort (FRA)

Then I went to France. In Belfort, I sprayed the violin player. She plays calmly in front of an empty stadium. She symbolizes that you should pursue your dreams. No matter whether you get encouragement or not - you should do what makes you happy.
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9.Station ‑ Nancy (FRA)

Another stop in France was in Nancy. I sprayed on an abandoned railroad line. I had now been on the road for almost 2 months. I was always alone and lived in isolation. It wasn't always easy for me. But I was able to grow and learn a lot for my life.
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10.Station ‑ Mainz (GER)

My last stop took me to Germany. There I was able to design a 180m^2 wall. It was the biggest work I have ever sprayed in my life. I was commissioned by the state capital of Mainz to spray a Gutenberg mural. The highway was partially closed especially for me. That was an amazing feeling and an unbelievably great end to the tour.
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graffiti in germany
offizielle partner der europa tournee von roxs 2023




Here you can follow my latest projects. Periodically I write reviews, in the form of a ROXS-Letter, which gives some insight into the studio of me.

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concrete walls

ROXS begins a new sculpture series with the project "concrete walls".
Urban, modern and typical street art.

header concrete walls n°1
The first piece N°1 shows a lost-looking woman who stands before the cliff. Disoriented, she seems to be looking for the right path. A great emptiness reveals itself before her and seems frightening. But she has the solution in her hand - her lantern, her light, her orientation guide.

This can be associated with the fact that you have your luck in your own hands. You have to know how to use it and become aware of it yourself. To dare to take things into your own hands and not to be intimidated by the big emptiness - and soon the emptiness will change into a space full of possibilities.

The image base, the concrete wall, is a 100% handmade self-creation of the artist RoxS.

hintergrundgeschichte zum projekt

The main idea was created during a conversation at 2 o'clock in the morning with my brother. I showed him my train ticket works. From this crystallized the idea to create something even more typical for me as a spray artist. To wit: Sprayed miniature walls.

No sooner said than done. A few moments later, I browsed the widths of the Internet and ordered all the necessary material for it. While the suppliers were carting my goods from A to B, I made first drafts for a model.This I then make from modeling clay. Neatly with all its details. Particularly in focus was the charm of a real, rather run-down wall. So holes, fallen plaster, bricks and broken stones were modeled out.

hier sieht man die idee zum projekt

While the model was hardening I took care of a frame for the casting. I built a wooden formwork that I lined with plastic and then dusted with powder. The reason for this was to make it easier to remove the casting.

die nötige schallung wird gebaut

I placed the model in the mold and poured two-component silicone over it. This nestles against the miniature wall and runs into all the cracks, holes and other details. After about 2 hours it is already solid and you can take it out of the mold. And thus was my Silicone mold for the production of the "concrete walls".

hier sieht man die silikonform

Immediately afterwards, I mixed very fine-grained concrete and made the first casting. To give the sculpture more stability, I worked into the interior metal mesh. The hardened concrete can then be easily removed from the mold. However, to make the art object more pliable, I sanded the surfaces by hand.

Before I started spraying, I coated the raw concrete with inlet primer to create an optimal painting surface.

hier sieht man den gegossenen beton
Now I finally continued with the motif. After many nerve-wracking hours I had my 4 stencils ready. So each individual stencil is assigned a color, which is then sprayed one after the other and on top of each other. Here you have to work to the millimeter. Because, if one of the stencils is sprayed slightly displaced, the whole work is in the bucket.

Finally, photos were taken and the project description was written. The first sculpture is ready. This motif is sprayed only 1x and is therefore a unique pieceThe miniature wall project will continue with more unique pieces in the future.

If you are interested in the unique piece "concrete wall N°1", you can find it in my Online-Shop for sale.

hier kann man das objekt kaufen


Interior Design Graffiti

Hello my dear friends of spray art!

In the last two months came again a lot of paint on the wall. Among other things, I sprayed my first container - it was great! However, there is also a big change in my life.

But before I went to St.Pölten. I was commissioned by the Beta Campus to design the new location at Raiffeisen Corner. I was given a large office wall, which is enthroned on the third floor above the rooftops of the city. I picked up the color concept from the modern space and created a geometric abstract mural. I spent the first half day taping off the room. In doing so, I had to work very neatly and accurately, since everything was already set up. In another two days, the wall was designed.

I spontaneously stayed an extra day in the Lower Austrian capital to spray another wall in public space. Completely free without specifications and time stress. After I had found a nice wall I decided to spray a sitting child. This one is now thinking there and looks into an empty space. The left-facing gaze can be associated with the fact that it looks into the past. What is happening in the head of the child must each decide for themselves.

legale wand in sankt pölten
alte bene halle in waidhofen an der ybbs

With a free wall continued in Waidhofen an der Ybbs. At the old Bene factory I designed a woman's portrait with neon effect. Here I was interested in practicing the play of light and shadow with different colors.

It continued with a really special project for me. Namely, I got the opportunity to spray my first container. An object that has a totally urban flair with its metal surface and has great appeal to spray. I chose as a motif of a lying woman who has an open book lying on her chest. She lies dreamily in nature and runs in her imagination through different worlds.

Also my first exhibition I could already hold this year. In the Rothschild Castle in Waidhofen an der Ybbs I am currently exhibiting in the one-picture gallery. I have chosen the work "Athena" because it embodies my distinctive style and fits into the old walls of the castle.

Next on my project list was a lot of nostalgia. In honor of the narrow-gauge railroad, also known as the "Bemp", I designed fan shirts and had them printed on my own. Fortunately, even the NÖN reported about it. You can read the article here:

That was it with me already again. Or rather, there is one more major change in my life that I would like to tell you about. I have decided to focus my life fully on art and to be a full-time artist. That means no more part time job and full focus on the spray cans. It was not an easy decision, because I was very happy in my social pedagogical profession. However, the time is now ripe for a new path and I want to dare now. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm incredibly excited about it. As my first official act as a full-time artist, I also already have a very large art project in planning. The last few weeks a lot has happened in this regard and all my time runs into the planning - but you will learn more about it in the next letter!

Many colorful greetings,


Pascal Gruber
3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs