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If you would like to order/deliver something outside of Austria and Germany please contact support at:

You will be helped as soon as possible and offered a solution.

The price of a wall design is made up of several factors. On the one hand, the size of the wall surface plays a major role. It is also important to consider whether the required wall is indoors or outdoors. Depending on the design is associated with more / less effort. On the other hand, it depends on the design itself. How detailed and elaborate the realization is. In addition, in how much the wall surface must be prepared (inlet base, facade paint, ...). Further parameters for cost determination are: Design, material, travel, overnight stay.
For each project, a non-binding cost estimate is written in advance.

The length of shelf life depends on many influencing factors.
Here are some points listed:

  • solar radiation (is the wall on the sunny or shady side)
  • Weather conditions (is the wall protected or outdoors)
  • Wall substrate
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Which color tones are used (naturally, e.g. red color fades faster than others)

Basically I only use high quality professional spray cans of the brand Montana Cans. These are specially designed for this area and are distinguished by high opacity and luminosity.

Yes, I also come to Vienna. In principle, I am open to projects all over the world. So far I could spray works in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Yes, I am a commissioned artist. I am happy to listen to your ideas and visions and implement them artistically. However, I always reserve the right not to accept requests.

I have already been able to implement a large number of projects for well-known companies.
A selected listing can be found here: References (scroll down on the page) 

There are many walls in public space. Please contact me for this and I will send you exact coordinates.
If you want to see canvas work you can visit me by appointment in the studio (Lower Austria, 3340).
Email: info@roxs.at

Yes, I also accept requests from private individuals.


Pascal Gruber
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